IKEA Group:

Economy Review

Seriously committed
to the circular revolution

IKEA is one of the most serious companies we have encountered, for recognising and embracing the real nature of the circular economy opportunity – seeking to design a more resilient and relevant business model for 21st century business success.  Earthshine was pleased to undertake a strategic review, highlighting current strengths and identifying further strategic and operational opportunities to reduce risks and support circular success:

  • The circular mindset
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Market disruption
  • Business and commercial model.
  • Infrastructure and supply chains.
  • Transformation pathways.

For IKEA, the review outputs provided invaluable assurance for their aims and strategies, along with further opportunities and insights – in particular, the need to develop a new shared ‘sustainable business’ mindset across all departments, circular business model designs (commercial dimensions), and planning for non-linear change pathways.