University of Oslo

SMART Project Launch
– Keynote Speech

Going SMART! Delivering long-term prosperity within planetary boundaries

Mike Townsend provided an inspiring keynote speech in support of the launch event in Brussels for the University of Oslo’s ‘Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade’ (SMART) Project.

SMART is a major research project that promotes sustainable development within planetary boundaries, and involves collaboration between 25 research institutions from around the planet.

Mike’s speech highlighted our shared challenges, exploring the key shifts we are starting to see in our markets, and shared his excitement for how the SMART Project is mission critical in our quest for sustainable prosperity within planetary boundaries.

  • An inspiring speech; thought-provoking, sharing important insights on the state of the challenge in sustainable business, while offering hope concerning the important shifts that are underway, towards a sustainable economy. A great message to kick-start the ground-breaking SMART research programme

    Jay Cullen
    Professor at the University of York, UK