A new book available in 2022…

The Quiet Revolution:
Towards a Sustainable Economy

We have more choices than we might think…

We are in a new era. The systems, rules and behaviours that led to business success in the 21st century are no longer working. Since the onset of the longest and deepest financial crisis in living memory, capitalism is still suffering a crisis of liquidity, reliability and confidence. There is a huge question mark over whether our economic system will allow us to make the necessary transition to a more sustainable world – or whether we are locked into a fatal collision course.

We desperately need a new operating system, one that will enable us to make the transition to a sustainable future in which people and businesses flourish within planetary limits. There is good news. Many of the potential solutions are already available, and a revolution is under way.

The Quiet Revolution (TQR) is all about the shifts that are needed, and already underway, in the necessary transition towards a more sustainable economic model; one that works for people, for the environment, and for business. TQR maps out the new sustainable economy using examples, insights and case studies. Allowing the reader to view the scene through a wider lens of sustainable economics; it becomes possible to see pieces come together, bringing into focus an attractive picture of a new, vibrant and sustainable economic system. This ground-breaking book shares the extent to which the solutions are already available, and demonstrates how the new sustainable global economy can be realised. 

TQR to be published by Routledge in 2022.