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Podcast: Circular Business Transformation and Moving Towards Circular Economy

'Getting in the Loop' podcast series: Earthshine CEO, Mike Townsend, talks about the business of change and how transforming business towards circular ways of working starts with capability development.
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News: Closing the Capability Gap!

Earthshine is pleased to announce the launch of our leading-edge Capability Development Programme for 2020-21 – designed to unleash your potential and deliver sustainability transformations. We invite you to explore further.
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We’re live! Earthshine Group launches on 02 02 2020

Earthshine is re-launching as Earthshine Group, with a new focus on transformation through capability development. We are energised with renewed purpose and a sense of urgency, to help accelerate circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, society and people – in order to generate long-term shared prosperity, within planetary and societal boundaries.
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The best building in the world?

A model of climate-conscious design built with the bare minimum of resources, the Friendship hospital beat off some strong competition...


The State of Green Business 2022: A very messy and imperfect transition, and there's much more heavy-lifting to be done.

Very useful summary and insights from @makower.

"Since the first IPCC report was published in 1990, more anthropogenic fossil CO2 has been released into the atmosphere than previously throughout all of human history."


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