Norsk Ombruk

Business Proposition &
Strategy Review

Remanufacturing in a Circular Economy

The future is of business all about managing within planetary boundaries. Remanufacturing, within a circular economy, presents a vital element in helping this to become a practical and prosperous reality.  Norsk Ombruk is a dynamic and ambitious remanufacturing company, focused on extending the life of household electrical goods: saving resources, preventing waste, reducing carbon & energy, and saving people money.

Earthshine was invited to work with and support the development of this innovative company – reviewing the company’s proposition and business strategy – to develop a new company presentation to meet four main aims for Norsk Ombruk:

  • Share the aims, ambitions and company story.
  • Demonstrate their position and value added, within the circular economy.
  • Share company capability, balancing strategic direction and operational excellence.
  • Build on the excellent platform you have already created – helping to communicate the true potential of your model.

The directors of Norsk Ombruk were delighted with the output, which enabled them to communicate their sustainable business proposition – in a very direct and accessible way – to reach a new and international audience. This provided an essential element in support of their sustainable growth strategy – also enabling a wider sustainability impact in their markets.