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Earthshine Group

We support circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, and society.

To generate long-term shared prosperity, within planetary and societal boundaries.

By helping you transform your capabilities to deliver a real impact.

Meet the challenge

Navigate risks and harness opportunities for sustainable success in the 21st century

Navigate risks

  • Unsustainable footprint
  • Resource scarcity and cost challenges
  • Failing business models
  • Poor reputation and decline in trust (including greenwashing)
  • Loss of customers – shifting preferences
  • Increased cost of capital
  • Stranded assets

Harness opportunities

  • UN Global Goals (SDGs) – unlock the $12 trillion opportunity!
  • Achieve Paris Agreement targets – radical footprint reduction
  • Embrace circular economy – effective & resilient business models
  • Harness supply chain innovation
  • Reduce real costs & enhance long-term value
  • Beyond ESG metrics - harness drivers for superior performance
  • Sustainability – a route to business turnaround

Companies that don’t adapt [to climate change] – including companies in the financial system – will go bankrupt without question. [But] there will be great fortunes made along this path aligned with what society wants.

Mark Carney
Governor, Bank of England.

The future is all
about transformation

Business as usual is dead. CSR offers only limited substance. Incremental change is not going deep enough, or fast enough.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis: We only have a limited amount of time to act. Radical solutions are needed to deliver a transformative impact, if we are to keep our climate within 1.5C by 2030 – let alone deal with our further challenges of ecosystem collapse, resource scarcity, rising inequality, and so on.

Somehow, we need to deal with this existential crisis, while simultaneously striving to meet our aspirations for the ‘good life’. On the face of it, a seemingly impossible and contradictory challenge: In the developed world, how can we be so concerned with maintaining a life of consumption, while our world is literally falling apart? 

A rapid transformation, in each and every business, economy and society, is essential. This calls for great leadership – making radical, strategic decisions – not at some future point, but TODAY.

Leading players are making progress, but many are nowhere near ready for the level of change required. In finding a new pathway, we need to develop and enhance our capabilities, and fast. There’s no more time for playing at the edges – we need to deliver a full-blown transformation in all that we do.

We work with our customers on

Five interconnected
realms of transformation…

The further we go into our sustainability journeys, the more we find a simple truth is revealed to us: We cannot become fully sustainable enterprises in isolation; we also have to interface, collaborate and drive transformation within five interconnected realms.

For example, we cannot become truly ‘circular’, if we don’t engage with our customers, with business model innovation, and with our supply chains. We also need to engage with policy-makers to develop appropriate and supportive policy architecture, as well as drive the necessary changes within our system of economy. Everything changes! 

And, most likely, we’ve never experienced this level of change before, so we’ll also need to look at developing and enhancing our capabilities, so we can deliver more successful transformations.

Our model for transformation is based on a comprehensive theory of change developed over the last ten years: We set your programme in context with complete system change to enable you to achieve the best overall impact and return on investment.

Business & Supply Chain

Generate purpose, strategy, business models & supply chains all aligned to deliver sustainable & circular value within planetary and societal boundaries.

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Markets & policy architecture

Pursue sustainable products and services, delivered in sustainable ways, and enabled by a supportive market ecosystem and policy landscape.

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Capability Development

Our leading-edge capability development programmes are designed to help you and your teams develop sustainability as a mindset — enhancing awareness, and the ability to integrate sustainability principles and benefits into the heart of your strategies, operational practices and performance.

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People & Society

We all have a new part to play: customers, citizens, leaders in business, politics, and civic society – we all need to re-think our priorities and choices towards a more sustainable future.

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Economy & Systems

Develop fit-for-purpose economic systems to ensure we can thrive within planetary and societal boundaries, while generating long-term shared prosperity.

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  • This Project captures well what the challenges are, and what needs to be changed. One of the most precise and concise summaries I have ever seen.

    Paul Polman
    Former CEO Unilever
  • Earthshine provided an excellent foundation for us to engage with our supply chain and build towards a more sustainable future. Their approach was thorough, practical and very business-focused.

    Debbie Baxter
    former Chief Sustainability Officer, LoyaltyOne.
  • Working with Earthshine has enabled us to not only improve our process, but also to create coherent business cases.

    Gary Sullivan
    Chair, Wilson James Ltd.
  • Earthshine has helped take sustainability to a different level with this project – they help us see beyond the constraints of today, challenge the status quo, and build on best practice – towards the new economy. A seminal piece of work, and I am pleased that Triodos has been a part of it.

    Bevis Watts
    CEO Triodos Bank UK
  • An inspiring speech; thought-provoking, sharing important insights on the state of the challenge in sustainable business, while offering hope concerning the important shifts that are underway, towards a sustainable economy. A great message to kick-start the ground-breaking SMART research programme

    Jay Cullen
    Professor at the University of York, UK
  • Really opened my eyes to the extensive world of sustainable businesses and how they can be profitable but ALSO sustainable.

    Anonymous student
    DIS Copenhagen
  • This study shares some advanced thinking in the arena of remanufacturing and responsible business. It also provides some helpful inspiration for businesses in other sectors, looking to expand their own circular economy efforts, while harnessing a wide range of benefits

    Mark Reynolds
    CEO Mace Group
  • We need new models for sustainable growth and development in our economies. I love the industry-wide and transformative impact offered by the 20-By-25 Vision: 20% market share is ambitious, and the ability to generate new jobs and positive social impacts, while working within planetary limits, is vital for future prosperity.

    Paul Polman
    Former CEO, Unilever plc
  • Thank you for making EY’s RiskConference a huge success! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation which provided our audience with great insights.

    Andres Freisinger
    Former Editor in Chief EY Sweden
  • An enlightening and fascinating read. Changing mindsets is key to moving toward a sustainable global economy.

    Yolanda Kakabadse
    former President, WWF International
  • These sessions provided incredibly insightful experiences for our students. Mike demonstrated a remarkable capacity to bridge knowledge on sustainability challenges and solutions with relevance from global to local, from public to private, from multinational enterprises to small and medium enterprises.

    Maria Figueroa
    Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School
  • Mike is an inspirational person, supporting the SMART project on a number of levels. He has provided insightful perspectives, respectful challenge, and strategic guidance on our ground-breaking programme, which has helped us deliver an even greater impact. A great addition to our Advisory Board.

    Beate Sjåfjell
    Professor, University of Oslo
  • Mike successfully challenges our students to advance their thinking about the nature of changes business will need to implement, as well as the concrete arguments that can be used to convince a board of directors that this is the right course of action. We keep bringing Mike back as a lecturer because of the content of what he teaches, but also because he is highly talented teacher, as is evident from the comments we get in the course evaluations.

    Beatrice Kogg
    Director of Educational Programmes, IIIEE Lund University
  • Earthshine led our first deep carbon footprint and social impact analysis, and were able to develop robust models and formulate recommendations we hadn’t even considered. The results have been fantastic – their industry-focused expertise helped us to capture greater value, much more quickly. We look forward to working closely with Earthshine as the automotive industry continues to evolve in meeting its sustainability and circular economy challenges.

    Laura Richards
    Senior Business Development Manager, eBay UK.
  • Very engaging and thought-provoking online lectures on Sustainability in the Nordics — inspiring our students through the challenges of lockdown — we really appreciated Mike’s deep knowledge on sustainability, his considerable industry experience, and his insights on progress and challenges in the Nordic region. We look forward to the next time!

    Yakov Bart
    Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University
  • Earthshine reminded us about the scale of the net zero challenge, and how incremental change won’t deliver. They showed us how we could meet the net zero challenge by following a more robust pathway, based on radical, yet commercial innovation. Highly recommended.

    Brian Moore
    Supply Chain Director, Aviva UKGI
  • Earthshine provided the perfect starting point for our review of carbon footprint in Home market. Their research and knowledge provided new insight in the circular economy in this sector.

    Alexandra Hiatt
    Head of SMB Trading, eBay UK
  • We engaged with Earthshine as part of our ESG upgrade planning and an investor due diligence process, where ESG was of particular importance. The team were fast, diligent, understood our specific commercial requirements and produced a high-quality piece of work. We would not hesitate to recommend Earthshine to others.

    Alyx Wood
    Chief Investment Officer, Kernow Asset Management
  • Thank you so much for your wisdom, expertise, kindness, and dedication. You have been an excellent, positive instructor, and your class has been one of the most rewarding I have ever taken. I will take this experience with me forever and continue to share my knowledge in this space to create change.

    Anonymous student
    Northeastern University
  • Mike was stellar in his approach to building an engaging and rigorous learning environment, where students could learn about topics, and then later actively engage with those topics experientially. Our students were particularly appreciative of Mike’s expansive and agile knowledge and experience in the area of sustainability — this holistic approach greatly helped students see the need for collaboration and exchange of ideas in solutioning such complex world problems. We highly recommend Mike and Earthshine Group.

    Cigdem P Talgar
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Northeastern University
  • “I’ve seen a ton of circular economy presentations over the past few years and yours really stood out for me. I have done a lot of work in helping businesses start the transition, mostly through innovation strategies, but your piece on the final 40% really stuck with me.”

    David Messer
    Executive Director - Smart Cities Office, City of Guelph
  • A major sustainability recertification project was undertaken with Earthshine; Jae and Mike were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, really helped us and gave a very useful insight into how the system works, enabling us to figure out how with some small changes we can improve our rating for certification and sustainability of our projects in general. I would praise their very fast work and reactiveness where needed, and would certainly recommend working with Earthshine even for small companies, like ours!

    Tatiana Brantseva
    Technical Development and Research & Development Manager, Kelly Bros. Ltd.
  • The Earthshine team lead our business through the development of our Sustainability Strategy, which was a resounding success. They ensured that our vision for sustainability was grounded in commercial practicality and took a 360 view on our business environment including clients, suppliers, and competitors. They listened to the nuanced needs of our group and delivered great results.

    Paul Gardner
    Group Development Director, Glanua.

We’d love to explore
challenges & solutions with you

- please feel free to get in touch, and let’s start the conversation!

Our Services

Our range of services are designed to help your teams develop greater awareness of possibilities and the capability to act: creating new sustainable business solutions, while capturing the full range of business and sustainability benefits available. As our approach is based on multi-stakeholder perspectives – we will be delighted to work with you, your suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

Training & Facilitation

Leading-edge capability development programmes, designed to unleash and guide the potential within your people and teams, suppliers and stakeholders – enabling and delivering innovative solutions with a lasting impact. We offer a range of Transformer Programmes – Generic, Project-based or Challenge-focused training – customised to meet your specific needs and challenges.

Consultancy & Research

A wide range of consultancy and research services, including: diagnostics, risk & opportunity analysis, business strategy development, circular economy strategy, business model innovation, supply chain strategy, benefits case development, market & policy architecture development, transformation planning & deployment, white papers, and much more – all with sustainability principles, risks, opportunities and benefits fully integrated.

Keynote Speeches

Book a keynote to help inspire, motivate, and share value-adding insights with your audience – towards an achievable, sustainable future. Ideal for corporate events, industry & academic conferences, flagship project launches, and more. We cover a range of hot topics, including business innovation and strategy, circular economy and supply chain engagement, the new economy and transformation – all customised to meet your specific needs.

Coaching & Mentoring

A bespoke coaching or mentoring programme will help inspire and develop your business & sustainability leaders – enabling them to lead more effective sustainability transformations. We provide a wise sounding-board, insightful guidance and suggestions, along with friendly challenge – and essential support for associated personal transformations. Our programmes help you achieve much more, with a lot less stress.

Advisory Board

Business and economic transformation programmes are complex and fraught with risks and pitfalls. Commission one of our senior directors to join your advisory board and provide you with quality input to your strategy; sharing invaluable insights, constructive feedback and challenge, helping you to reduce risks, reveal hidden opportunities, maximise your impact, and support project success.


Lectures & Courses

We provide lectures, courses, modules and seminars – at masters and undergraduate level – on a range of key topics , all customised to your needs. We specialise in interactive and experiential learning, integrating practical insights with academic rigour, challenging students to advance their thinking and build confidence in meeting the major challenges of our time. 

At the heart of
what we do…

Of course, genuine transformation does not happen on its own. It involves inspiration, innovation, new knowledge, skills and insights – as well as dedication, hard work and focused application.

Authentic transformation takes us to new places, and this requires capability development. Your people are already very talented – we simply work with them to enhance their capabilities and become even more effective agents of sustainable innovation and change.

Transform your capabilities

Our leading-edge capability development programmes are designed to help your teams, suppliers and stakeholders develop sustainability as a mindset – enhancing awareness, and the ability to integrate sustainability principles and benefits into the heart of your strategies, operational practices and performance.

Based on a decade of robust research, development and practice – our programmes are built on a unique fusion of technical, business & commercial, and sustainability knowledge and skill sets – all enabled by leading-edge educational techniques pioneered in Scandinavia.

We offer three levels of engagement; whether you are just starting to engage (First Steps), or looking to go further (Intermediate), or whether you are dealing with more strategic challenges, including becoming fully ‘circular’ (Advanced).

Our programmes are customised to
your specific needs, aims, challenges and context:
  • A safe spaceto innovate and try new techniques and solutions.
  • Inspirationfrom practical business examples and business cases.
  • Transformation based on comprehensive theory of change.
  • Real-life focuson business & sustainability innovation challenges. Beyond CSR, more dynamic.
  • Interactiveteaching & coaching sessions, involving practical group work & discussions.
  • Embodied learningincluding option for immersive field study visits to pioneering companies.
  • Holistic integrated thinkingto capture all stakeholder perspectives & benefits.
  • Powered by the ‘pedagogy of passion’ to engage and inspire all.

Being climate smart is not an added cost. Its actually smart business and what the business model of the future will look like… Everything around fossil fuels and daft use of resources will be expensive.

Jesper Brodin
CEO, Ingka Group

Deliver a real impact!

We help you capture the full range of holistic benefits available

Conventional ‘neoclassical’ business thinking tends to see sustainability as a burden. This outdated view can restrict our ability to find new opportunities, and harness the many benefits available, through engaging with the great challenges of our time. By adopting a more integrated One Planet mindset, we can capture a much broader range of business, environmental and societal benefits. Far from being a burden, integrating sustainability drives innovation and enables superior long-term business performance.

In everything we do, we place a great deal of emphasis on working with you and your teams to capture the full range of benefits available:

• De-risk your business, avoiding poor performance, and the risk of stranded assets.

• Reduce waste, improve resource utilisation, reduce cost and improve the bottom line.

• Fully sustainable value propositions generate responsible growth.

• Enhanced opportunity – new markets, new customers.

• More resilient and resistant to shocks.

• Less volatile financial performance, and improved share value.

• Achieve and contribute towards UN SDGs.

We have a range of

Flexible options

Whether you are just starting to engage, or already have a good track record of incremental improvements, or now wrestling with the full implications of transformational change, we have a range of generic, project-oriented, or challenge-focused capability development programmes which can be customised to your specific needs.

We can welcome you to our ESG Training Centre in Copenhagen, or we can establish a pop-up business school at a suitable location, or onsite at your own facility. We can also split activities between a mixture of locations.

The visit to Copenhagen is especially useful if you wish to choose the fully immersive experience to maximise embodied learning – reaching beyond the classroom, to absorb best practices through site visits and ‘feel’ sustainable transformations in practice. The overall aim is to get to the position of sustainability as a mindset – where the holistic consideration of smarter business strategies becomes second nature.

Going Circular
– Mission Possible!

Generic course, 3-days
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