University of Oslo:

SMART Project Governance

Advisory Board Member

Mike Townsend serves on the Advisory Board of the EU Horizon 2020 funded Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART) research project – a collaborative venture, engaging 25 research institutions from around the world, led by the University of Oslo.

The SMART Project aims to provide research that will serve to promote global, sustainable development within a circular, low-emissions economy, compatible with planetary boundaries, and in line with the international development goals.

The Project has an initial focus on two key sectors – mobile phones and ready-made garments – chosen for being symptomatic of the take-make-waste culture that is an intrinsic part of the problem in our unsustainable markets.

The SMART Project will enable us to close the gap, and will help us better understand what factors prevent and what will be needed to promote the necessary shifty towards sustainable development and sustainable prosperity.

Mike is providing input to project strategy, sharing insights, constructive review and challenge, and acting as an ambassador for project success.

Mike is an inspirational person, supporting the SMART project on a number of levels. He has provided insightful perspectives, respectful challenge, and strategic guidance on our ground-breaking programme, which has helped us deliver an even greater impact. A great addition to our Advisory Board.

Beate Sjåfjell
Professor at University of Oslo