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21st Century

Review of Master’s Degree Programme Design

IIIEE at Lund University has developed and taught a very successful master’s degree programme in Environmental Man­agement and Policy (EMP) for over twenty years, boasting an impressive alumni of more than six hundred former students, representing over one hundred countries. Many are now occupying senior roles within government, industry, NGOs, consultancy, and academia. 

While the EMP Programme has been successful – IIIEE recognised that the world is changing at a rapid pace, and wanted to take the opportunity to build on its current strengths, while innovating and integrating the latest developments and insights on sustainability challenges and solutions.

In essence, this opportunity also aligns with a broader shift that is taking place within the sustainability movement, from being framed as a tactical challenge – often expressed in terms of compliance and CSR – towards a more strategic and transformative agenda, dealing with business purpose, strategy and economic transformation. 

Earthshine was invited to review the approach taken, building on the current thinking and emerging recommendations, while offering observations and additional opportunities for consideration by the IIIEE EMP Programme Review Team.