Norsk Ombruk:

Benefits Case

The Benefits case for
remanufacturing in a circular economy

Earthshine was invited to develop a ground-breaking study on the holistic range of quantifiable benefits, including positive social impacts, arising from remanufacturing within the circular economy. The focus is on a Norsk Ombruk, a Norwegian remanufacturing company that is growing rapidly as a result of this innovative, new business model.

  • Remanufacturing yields significant savings in resources, energy, emissions, water and waste.
  • Remanufacturing also enables significant potential for creating jobs and generating sustainable economic activity.
  • Total benefits worth combined value of €9.4 million for 2016.
  • 56% of benefits delivered by NorskOmbruk flow directly to society.
  • For every €1 million of operating costs, the company delivers €11 million of benefits to people, planet, business & economy.
  • The circular economy represents a trillion dollar opportunity. For this potential to be realised we need a strong business case, and for all industry players to come together, and create a circular value chain. The Norsk Ombruk remanufacturing model shows what can be achieved; how partnership and collaboration can deliver an impressive range of benefits for people, planet and the economy.

    Paul Polman
    former CEO Unilever.
  • Having pioneered the original development of the circular economy in Europe, I am pleased to see the level of new innovations that are occurring. The Norsk Ombruk study demonstrates the significant value to be added through remanufacturing within a circular economy, and shares some important findings, which also align with the new research we are developing at the International Resource Panel. These are exciting times for the circular economy.

    Janez Potočnik
    Co-Chair of UN International Resource Panel
  • This study shares some advanced thinking in the arena of remanufacturing and responsible business. It also provides some helpful inspiration for businesses in other sectors, looking to expand their own circular economy efforts, while harnessing a wide range of benefits

    Mark Reynolds
    CEO Mace Group