Going Circular
– Mission Possible!

A 3-day intensive circular learning experience, exploring how the circular economy works in practice, and how to develop robust strategies for your own organisation – built on immersive training & education, pioneered in Scandinavia.

Going Circular
– Mission Possible!
3 day course (September 2024)
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Circular Economy is one of the hottest topics in business. Going ‘circular’ enables radical shifts in both business and sustainability performance, through developing restorative and innovative business models that keep our products, components and materials at their highest utility and value.

Businesses need to develop their capabilities in this important field at a rapid pace – to enable greater resilience and profitability, harness new market opportunities, as well as delivering radical leaps in sustainability performance.

In this course, we’ll explore:

  • What is the circular economy, and why is it important?
  • Key sectors: What progress is being made?
  • How does circular economy ‘fit’ in the business, and how do we integrate circular principles to deliver long-term business success?
  • How do we get circular business models to work, commercially as well as technically?
  • How can we engage the supply chain and other key stakeholders to drive market change?
  • How can we develop robust business cases?
  • A company/site visit – for practical insights on progress and challenges.
  • Circular economy simulation – for embodied learning.

Personal learning outcomes:
Develop an integrated mindset and systems thinking, understand circular economy strategy and practice, reimagine future business possibilities, develop circular economy solutions, design new business models, develop holistic business case models, build confidence in developing and presenting new strategies.

Why this course?
You’re busy in business. Your organisation is developing a range of sustainability initiatives to improve your footprint, but also looking for the next big idea to improve your impact, while enabling responsible growth and improved profitability. You’ve heard the circular economy could provide a path forward. You want to understand how it works in practice, to learn from the experiences of other enterprises, and develop robust strategies for your own organisation. You’re also keen to learn in the beating heart of the sustainability revolution – Scandinavia.

Why this course?


  • Space to innovate and try new techniques and solutions
  • Inspiration from practical business examples and business cases
  • Real-life focus – business & sustainability innovation challenges
  • Interactive teaching & coaching – with practical group work & discussions
  • Holistic thinking – capturing all stakeholder perspectives & benefits
  • Powered by the ‘pedagogy of passion’ – to engage and inspire all participants

The benefits to your business

  • Enhance organisational capability in this important field
  • Potential fast track for innovation
  • Move beyond incremental CSR & develop radical shifts in performance
  • Capture a wide range of business & sustainability benefits
  • Improved employee motivation
  • Alignment with UN SDGs
  • An affordable alternative to hiring consultants
Copenhagen, 2024

Preliminary Programme

Day 1

Tuesday 17 September


  1. Beyond business-as-usual
  2. Towards sustainable consumption


  1. Going circular – meeting the challenge
  2. In the Loop – circular economy simulation


  1. Social event

Day 2

Wednesday 18 September


  1. Nordic immersive experience – to re-energise and open minds
  2. Cracking the code – the business model challenge
  3. Sector focus – challenges and benefits in a specific sector


  1. The big one – engaging the supply chain & other key stakeholders
  2. Company/site visit


  1. Homework

Day 3

Thursday 19 September


  1. Realising the business case
  2. Group work


  1. Group presentations
  2. Summary and review discussion


  • Travel home
Meet your trainers

Mike Townsend

Mike is an influential business and economic transformation leader, board member, speaker, teacher, and writer – with thirty-five years of experience in business, supply chain, consultancy, education & training, and engineering. He has worked with a wide range of organisations, large and small, in all sectors in UK, Europe, North America and Japan, including: Aviva plc, BAA, Barclays Bank plc, Birmingham Business School, British Airways, Copenhagen Business School, DIS-Copenhagen, Environment Agency, EY, Home Office, IKEA, LoyaltyOne, Mace Group, Lund University, Norsk Ombruk, Severn Trent Water, Thames Water plc, Triodos Bank, and many others, including Paul Polman at Unilever. Mike is also author of The Quiet Revolution (Routledge, forthcoming), and editor of Reframing the Game (2015).

Katie Whalen

Katie is an international leader in the circular economy – involved in research, writing, teaching and consulting on all business aspects of this important discipline. She has a PhD on Circular Business Models that Extend Product Value from Lund University. Katie also teaches courses on eco-design, and has created and marketed ‘In the Loop’ – a serious game for systems thinking and circular economy awareness. Katie hosts ‘Getting In the Loop’, a weekly podcast that enables experts to stay connected to what’s happening in the field of circular economy. Katie has previously worked at Circle Economy, a non-profit, circular economy-focused organisation based in Amsterdam where she led the Circular Design Program.

10% discount available when booking 3 or more places


Secondary educationVocational educationGraduatePost graduate

* Required

  • We have a maximum of 20 places per course – to optimise the learning experience.
  • Places cost €1600 per person for the full three-day course plus VAT.
  • This includes all training fees, guest speakers, site/company visit, and an evening social.
  • Accommodation and travel costs are extra.
  • 10% discount available when booking 3 or more places.