Harness the drivers of superior performance to deliver greater impact and long-term value.

The Investment world is changing fast. Sustainability and ESG metrics are going mainstream, as business executives and investors alike see the importance of developing better informed perspectives on how key ESG risks and opportunities can impact investment decision-making.

This is no fad. There is now a clear and direct link between a company’s ESG performance and business performance. ESG-focused companies are out-performing in their markets – delivering, on average, double the amount of shareholder value, over the long-term.

Yet, there are many issues and challenges. Are ESG factors really changing investment decisions? How much ESG activity leads to real and authentic impacts for a better world? And, quite importantly, are ESG strategies actually generating long-term value for investors? There are also major accusations of greenwashing.

ESG metrics provide the data, but this is just the start of the journey: the real challenge concerns what we do next. For us, ESG isn’t simply about passive monitoring and divesting of poor performers, but more about developing proactive strategies for turning around under-performing assets, in order to generate superior impacts and long-term value.


We help companies and investors cut through the noise and move beyond tactical checklists, to engage more deeply on ESG and BEYOND – developing new insights and strategies to deliver superior impacts and long-term value. Our forensic approach enables you to uncover hidden opportunities for genuine transformation, enabling the development of resilient, sustainable, high-performing investments:

  • ESG & BEYOND Review: robust assessment of integrated ESG and business performance – within the context of business goals, strategies, value chains and market dynamics – developing options for short-term and radical shifts in performance/value.
  • Capability Development: develop skills and insights to drive superior impacts, performance and value, while harnessing new opportunities for greater impact and asset value.
  • ESG Impact Modelling: granular and forensic assessment of ESG impacts, along with business and commercial benefits arising from your ESG strategy.
  • ESG & BEYOND Strategies: develop robust and actionable strategies and pathways towards greater impact and sustainable value.
  • ESG Transformer: develop transformational solutions and benefits, through our guided process for sustainable ESG innovation, focused on a specific business, investment or ESG challenge.

We engaged with Earthshine as part of our ESG upgrade planning and an investor due diligence process, where ESG was of particular importance. The team were fast, diligent, understood our specific commercial requirements and produced a high-quality piece of work. We would not hesitate to recommend Earthshine to others.


Alyx WoodChief Investment Officer, Kernow Asset Management