Government of Ontario

20 by 25:
Crafting the Future

An Eco-System Approach to Support the Sustainable Growth of Ontario’s Craft Beer Industry

Ontario’s craft beer industry is already a major success story. It has grown rapidly and now boasts about 235 independent craft breweries operating in more than 110 communities across Ontario, with many more planning to turn on the taps in the near future.

Ontario craft brewers generate thousands of direct jobs, accounting for almost 30 percent of all brewing industry jobs within the Province. In addition, thousands of indirect jobs have been created within supply industries such as agriculture and farming, packaging and distribution, equipment manufacturing and supply, restaurants and food service, and tourism.

With this success as a foundation to build upon, what’s next for Ontario’s craft beer industry? BLOOM and Earthshine have collaborated to present an objective, yet practical vision that positions Ontario’s craft beer industry to ride the global craft beer phenomena wave and achieve a sustainable 20 percent market share by the year 2025 — and to do so within planetary and societal boundaries.

Taking a holistic and eco-system approach is the hallmark of the 20 By 25 vision. This means building on and developing the existing informal community of industry stakeholders to evolve into a more ‘formalized collaborative craft beer industry eco-system’ with one shared goal: the continued success of Ontario’s craft beer industry.

Achieving this vision would generate a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders in the industry’s eco-system:


Rapid market growth

Managing sustainability

Risks and opportunties (including resource & supply)

$3 billion

Overall economic impact

Sector transition

To low carbon and sustainable economy


New jobs

Agri-food sector

Further synergistic benefits for wider Agri-food sector.

The new model

Includes a range of strategies that address the interests of individual craft brewers, and the need for system-wide change, focused on three key dimensions:

  • Genrating responsible growth in sales – with new sustainable business models.
  • Expanding sustainable production – operating within local environmental, community & resource limits.
  • Supportive market ecosystem and policy landscape – bringing all stakeholders together – with a coordinated strategy to achieve a new way of doing business in the craft beer industry.
  • Ontario’s craft beer industry is one with incredible potential and high aspirations. By building the necessary networks and ecosystem for Ontario craft brewers, the industry is poised to reach its potential as a globally-recognised, sustainable industry contributing $3 billion annually in economic impact in Ontario by 2025.

    Dominic Barton
    former Global MD, McKinsey & Company
  • We need new models for sustainable growth and development in our economies. I love the industry-wide and transformative impact offered by the 20-By-25 Vision: 20% market share is ambitious, and the ability to generate new jobs and positive social impacts, while working within planetary limits, is vital for future prosperity.

    Paul Polman
    Former CEO, Unilever plc
  • Our Association is excited about the vision and opportunity provided in 20 By 25. We are at a pivotal point in the industry’s growth and the timing of this is perfect, as we are just finalizing our 10-year strategic plan and priorities for next fiscal year.

    Scott Simmons
    President of Ontario Craft Brewers