Rethink your supply chains for sustainability and commercial advantage.

Supply chains represent a vital element within any business strategy – essential for driving performance and value for money. Typically, we can expect 50-80% of our business costs and our sustainability impacts to occur within the supply chain. As such, supply chains are also vital enablers for sustainable business success and long-term value generation.

Yet, supply chains are also packed with challenges; increasingly global and complex in nature, during recent decades, giving rise to problems with transparency, hidden risks and vulnerabilities – all of which tend to impede performance and value. These issues tend to become amplified during times of turbulence, as we have experienced through the global pandemic.

Our world is now changing at a rapid rate. Global supply chains are breaking down. The climate crisis is starting to impact sourcing, supply and logistics. New technologies are disrupting markets. The circular economy changes everything, paving the way through to new forms of infrastructure, supply chains, capabilities and logistics. Businesses are responding to this great convergence of change drivers, by developing new business strategies, configured for net zero, circular economy and more sustainable outcomes.

Our supply chain strategies need to keep pace, moving beyond conventional solutions, towards more strategic, future-oriented, and fully sustainable supply chains – aligning with and supporting sustainable business transformations – to deliver radical shifts in performance and value.


We help you build on your best practices in strategic sourcing and commercial management – reducing risk and moving beyond incrementalism – to realign and redesign your supply chains to support new sustainability-oriented, circular business strategies and deliver a transformational impact, while enhancing customer impact and value, capturing new operational and commercial benefits:

  • Re SUPPLY Review: map your supply chains, evaluate risks and opportunities for developing future-oriented strategies in support of your sustainable and circular business goals.
  • Capability Development: expand capabilities across your procurement teams and key suppliers to develop and deploy effective strategies, along with future-oriented suppliers and supply chains.
  • Impact Modelling: granular and forensic assessment of carbon and sustainability impacts, along with business/commercial benefits arising from your sustainable supply chain strategy.
  • Re SUPPLY Strategy: develop robust and actionable pathways towards sustainable supply chain transformation, maximising opportunities and minimising risks, while harnessing business benefits.
  • Supply Chain Transformer: develop transformational solutions and benefits, through our guided process for sustainable supply chain innovation, focused on a specific business project or challenge.

Earthshine provided an excellent foundation for us to engage with our supply chain and build towards a more sustainable future. Their approach was thorough, practical and very business-focused.

Debbie Baxterformer Chief Sustainability Officer, LoyaltyOne