The 4-by-4 Business Transformer

Challenge-focused training
programme (sample).

Find the new ‘sweet spot’: at the intersection of innovation, sustainability integration, holistic benefits, and capability development.

Aim: Develop transformational solutions and benefits, through integrating sustainability principles and harnessing supply market innovations, enabled by capability development.


Week 1
1 day
  • Our shared challenge
  • 21C business innovation
  • Circular economy
  • Reimagine business


Week 1
2 days
  • Re-finding purpose
  • Business model re-design
  • Supply chain re-design
  • Innovation testing


Week 3+
2 days
  • Stakeholder impact
  • Holistic benefits case
  • Planning for change
  • Systems of change


Week 5+
2 days
  • Team presentations
  • Review & feedback
  • Health-check
  • Certification

Leading-edge immersive learning experience with industry experts. Focused developing capability of teams, unleashing inherent potential. For business teams and individuals. Can also include other stakeholders, e.g. suppliers. Customised focus: Generic, Challenge or Project-based programmes. 3 levels: First-steps, Intermediate, Advanced. Powered by the pedagogy of passion!

Learning outcomes

Develop integrated mindset, understand circular economy, reimagine future business possibilities, design new business models, develop business transformation solutions, holistic business case modelling, systems thinking, build confidence in leading strategic-level change programmes.

Business benefits

Fast track innovation, sustainability fully integrated, holistic benefits case, transformation plans, enhanced organisational capability employee motivation, affordable training investment.


Location: Scandinavia or home nation. Embodied learning: Company visits. Further coaching & mentoring (project development and/or implementation).  Cultural and food options.  Rapid prototyping vs. real-time project development.

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