The Sustainability Mindset

The Sustainability Mindset
With the right mindset, everything is possible!

Mindset is everything: Develop a new field of vision to reimagine the future and drive transformational innovation, sustainability impacts and long-term value.

Business-as-usual is dead. Incrementalism isn’t working. On current terms, we cannot simply hope to comply our way out of the climate crisis. We need to innovate like crazy and deliver transformational change.

Business executives need to fully integrate sustainability thinking into business decision-making to enable more effective strategy development, and deliver transformational impacts and long-term value.

Yet, 70% of directors believe their boards are ineffective at integrating sustainability into governance and strategy building (BCG-INSEAD, 2022). We need to close the capability gap, and fast!

This will require a shift from isolated to integrated mindsets – generating the necessary field of vision to grasp the extent and nature of the challenge, and to find new possibilities and solutions, along with wider opportunities and benefits.

Retaining conventional mindsets will merely hinder, or even block effective progress – making all the difference between sustainability “talk” and transformational “action”. We also need to avoid the very real risk of stranded assets and business failure.

Our shift from isolated to integrated mindsets, means we move from compliance to innovation; from incremental to transformational change; and we become open and prepared for what comes next. We’re able to redefine the game and find the new sweet spot, with solutions that work sustainably and commercially.


Our customised 3-day immersive learning experience, enables your teams and value chain partners to develop integrated mindsets, rethink sustainability risks and opportunities, towards effective strategies that deliver sustainability impact, commercial advantage and long-term value.

  • Reconnect with nature, self and others!
  • Reimagine future business possibilities.
  • Develop new, integrated solutions + business strategies.
  • Develop holistic business case models.
  • Build deeper awareness and knowledge of how to turn sustainability challenges into real opportunities.

Our immersive, embodied learning approach is ten times as effective as conventional training, leaving a longer-lasting, positive impact:

  • Based on absolutes, within planetary + societal boundaries.
  • New paradigm thinking, sustainability + commercial integration.
  • Beyond superficial, deep-dive interrogation of leading cases.
  • Real-time, guided company visits, lifting the lid on how things really work.
  • Developing capacity for transformation, rather than flawed incrementalism.

With the right mindset, everything is possible. We can open-up and challenge previously held assumptions about what success looks like and how we might get there. By allowing ourselves to be open to new ideas and new thinking, we’re able to become innovative market disruptors, rather than managerial incumbents locked into incremental pathways.

Let’s connect and talk about how our customised programmes can help your business teams:

Earthshine reminded us about the scale of the net zero challenge, and how incremental change won’t deliver. They showed us how we could meet the net zero challenge by following a more robust pathway, based on radical, yet commercial innovation. Highly recommended.

Brian MooreSupply Chain Director, Aviva UKGI.