Reimagine a more radical, sustainable and circular future for your business, your customers, supply chains and stakeholders.

The circular economy is increasingly seen as a pre-requisite for any serious, sustainability-oriented organisation – especially those dependent on scarce and non-renewable resources. Going circular also provides an important contribution towards your net zero journey, enabling up to 50% of your emissions reduction targets.

Leading players are starting to explore the serious potential offered by the circular economy – developing restorative business models, keeping products, components and materials at their highest level of utility and value, while minimising the need for new and virgin resource inputs.

Our approach goes way beyond incremental change, enabling your organisation to find a new sweet spot, tapping into new sustainable commercial opportunities, while concurrently improving sustainability performance in your value chain and the wider economy.

Of course, going circular isn’t just about a single product or a single business; the circular economy impacts the whole value chain and market ecosystem. Circular business solutions cannot be developed in isolation, they are dependent on context, aims and system interconnections.

We help you develop circular solutions that are right for your context and strategic goals, supported with practical, joined-up thinking and action between three interconnected levels of circular transformation: your business and value chain, markets and cities, and for the enabling policy architecture.


With our transformational approach, you can avoid falling into the trap of circularising business-as-usual, becoming locked into incremental change, and delivering sub-optimal business performance.

We help you develop effective pathways, through the process of reinvention, to crack the code for circular economic success in manageable stages:

  • Full CIRCLE Review: identify impacts, opportunities & benefits to be harnessed through integrating circular economy solutions within your business, value chain and city.
  • Capability Development: from first steps to advanced capabilities, develop your skills & insights for circular economic success.
  • Impact Modelling: granular models of carbon and sustainability impacts, along with business benefits associated with your circular value chain strategy.
  • Circular Strategy: develop robust and actionable pathways to circular transformation, maximising opportunities and minimising risks, while harnessing business benefits.
  • Full CIRCLE Transformer: develop transformational circular economy solutions and benefits, through our guided process for circular innovation, focused on your specific business project or challenge.

The results have been fantastic – Earthshine’s industry-focused expertise helped us to capture greater value, much more quickly. We look forward to working closely with Earthshine as the automotive industry continues to evolve in meeting its sustainability and circular economy challenges.

Laura RichardsSenior Business Development Manager, eBay UK