Press Release: from Earthshine Group ApS.

We are Earthshine Group:

We support circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, and society.

To generate long-term shared prosperity, within planetary and societal boundaries.

By helping you transform your capabilities to deliver a real impact.



A sustainable world is not possible unless we undergo radical change. And this will not happen unless we develop and enhance our capabilities to act, and fast. Earthshine is re-launching as Earthshine Group, with a new focus on transformation through capability development. We are energised with renewed purpose and a sense of urgency, to help accelerate circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, society and people – in order to generate long-term shared prosperity, within planetary and societal boundaries.

Copenhagen: 02 02 2020, 12:00 CET.

Earthshine has been pioneering fully integrated sustainable business and circular economy solutions since 2006 – having worked with a wide range of organisations in Europe, North America and UK. In that time, we developed a reputation for strategic and progressive thinking – coupled with an attention to detail, notably in our forensic business case work.

Our journey, since those early days, has taken us from our initial focus on footprint reduction and eco-efficiency benefits, right through to the present day as transformation leaders – picking up all stops in between, including the circular economy, sustainable business models, navigating the financial crisis, digging into supply chains, growing internationally, becoming systems change architects, and developing our expertise in education, training and capability development. Always with a focus on integrating sustainability thinking and principles into the heart of business thinking and practice – and always with a strong emphasis on delivering business benefits.

On February 2nd 2020, we relaunch as Earthshine Group, in response to the scale of the global transformation challenge, and to better reflect our international role in supporting the necessary transformation. Our new HQ is in Copenhagen – for many, the beating heart of the sustainability revolution – allied with a growing presence in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and USA. We are energised with renewed purpose and a greater sense of urgency, to help accelerate circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, society and people – in order to generate long-term shared prosperity, within planetary and societal boundaries.

On the need to shift our focus towards transformation, Founder and CEO Mike Townsend explains: “Business as usual is dead. CSR offers only limited substance. Incremental change is not going deep enough, or fast enough. We are in the midst of a climate crisis – and we only have a limited amount of time to act.”  

Mike continues, “Radical solutions are needed to deliver a transformative impact, if we are to keep our climate within 1.5C by 2030 – let alone deal with the additional challenges of ecosystem collapse, resource scarcity, rising inequality, and all the rest. And, somehow, we need to deal with this existential crisis, while simultaneously striving to meet our aspirations for the ‘good life’. We are reaching a time when only rapid transformation, in each and every business, economy and society, is essential. This calls for great leadership – making radical, strategic decisions – not at some future point, but TODAY.”

Earthshine Group recognises that leading players are certainly making progress, but many organisations and leaders are nowhere near ready for the level of change required. In finding new pathways, they will need to develop and enhance their capabilities, and fast.

We no longer have the luxury of following incremental and evolutionary pathways that take decades to develop. There’s no more time for playing at the edges – a full-blown transformation is essential. This means asking the big, bold questions at the get-go: What is our purpose and how do we add value in the world? How do we turn this purpose into regenerative business models? How do we reconfigure our supply chains to deliver bold new circular economy models? And, how do we achieve all of this, while remaining within planetary and societal boundaries? What policy architecture do we need to ensure our transformation is successful? In any organisation, we’ve probably never experienced this fundamental level of change before.

Of course, genuine transformation does not happen on its own. It involves inspiration, innovation, new knowledge, skills and insights – as well as dedication, hard work and focused application. Authentic transformation takes us to new places, and this requires capability development.

Reflecting on the need for transformation and the growing capability gap, Earthshine has been reinventing its model over the last few years; engaging increasingly with educational and training programmes, and developing and refining new services, inspired by sustainability and educational techniques in Scandinavia. Mike explains: “We’ve been turning our business model on its head. We will always be consultants, but our emphasis has shifted increasingly towards capability development – helping people and teams develop sustainability as a mindset to deliver their own sustainability transformations. That way, we can help accelerate the revolution in our economies, and maximise a positive impact around the world.”

Our leading-edge programmes are designed to help business teams, suppliers and stakeholders develop sustainability as a mindset – enhancing awareness, and the ability to integrate sustainability principles and benefits into the heart of their strategies, operational practices and performance. Mike explains further, “For us, it’s all about unleashing the inherent capability within people and their organisations. Business leaders and co-workers are already very talented people – we simply work with them to enhance their capabilities and become even more effective agents of sustainable innovation and change in this new era of transformation.”

For this new approach to be successful, it’s important we apply a very practical focus, for example on a real, live business challenge or project – we help teams find the new sweet spot at the intersection of innovation and sustainability solutions – developing capability and confidence to deliver transformative business solutions – while capturing holistic and commercial benefits.

We’ve designed a number of important features into our capability development model, including:

  • A safe space – for teams to innovate and try new techniques and solutions.
  • Inspiration – from practical business examples and business cases.
  • Real-life focus – on business & sustainability innovation challenges.
  • Beyond CSR – sustainability fully integrated for transformational impact.
  • Transformation – based on a comprehensive theory of change.
  • Interactive teaching & coaching sessions – involving practical group work & discussions.
  • Embodied learning – with options for immersive field study visits to pioneering companies.
  • Holistic integrated thinking – to capture all stakeholder perspectives & benefits.
  • Powered by the ‘pedagogy of passion’ – to engage and inspire all.

We’ve also developed a range of flexible options for delivering our programmes. We can welcome you to our ESG Training Centre in Copenhagen, or we can establish a pop-up business school at a suitable location, or onsite at your own facility. We can also split activities between a mixture of locations. Mike adds, “The visit to Copenhagen is especially useful if you wish to choose the fully immersive experience to maximise embodied learning – reaching beyond the classroom, to absorb best practices through site visits and really ‘feel’ sustainable transformations in practice.” The overall aim is to get to the position of sustainability as a mindset – where the holistic consideration of smarter business strategies becomes second nature.

Ultimately, we all have a new part to play – whether as customers, citizens, leaders in business, politics or civic society – we all need to re-think our priorities and choices towards a more sustainable future. And, at the heart of this shift – we will all need to develop new capabilities and reinvent what we do. And that’s our big focus at Earthshine for the new decade. Starting today.

If you are interested to learn more about our services for delivering transformation through capability development for a real impact, we’d love to open a conversation with you.


About Earthshine Group:

We are Earthshine Group. We support circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, and society – by unleashing the capability within people and their organisations. Our services are all designed to help your teams develop greater awareness of possibilities and the capability to act: creating new sustainable business solutions, while capturing the full range of business and sustainability benefits available. And, our approach is based on multi-stakeholder perspectives – so we will be delighted to work with you, your suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

Address: Earthshine Group, Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 Copenhagen.

Email: [email protected]