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Closing the Capability Gap: We’re pleased to announce our leading-edge capability development programme for 2020-21.


A sustainable world is not possible unless we undergo radical and rapid changes in our businesses and economies. The required level of transformation will not happen unless we develop and enhance our capabilities to act, and fast. At Earthshine, we are pleased to announce the launch of our leading-edge Capability Development Programme for 2020-21 – designed to unleash your potential and deliver sustainability transformations. We invite you to explore further.

Copenhagen: 09 03 2020, 12:00 CET.

“Radical solutions are needed to deliver a transformative impact, if we are to keep our climate within 1.5C by 2030. We are reaching a time when rapid transformation, in each and every business, economy and society, is essential.”

Mike Townsend, CEO Earthshine Group

We face a great challenge. We are in the midst of a climate crisis, and we only have a limited amount of time to act. Radical solutions are needed to deliver a transformative impact, if we are to keep our climate within 1.5C by 2030 – let alone deal with our further challenges of ecosystem collapse, resource scarcity, rising inequality, and more.

Business as usual is dead. CSR offers only limited substance. Incremental change is not going deep enough, or fast enough. There’s no more time for playing at the edges. A rapid transformation, in each and every business, economy and society, is essential. This calls for great leadership – making radical, strategic decisions – not at some future point, but today. Leading players are making progress on integrating sustainability, but many are nowhere near ready for the level of change required.

Authentic transformation takes us to new places – a new model for business and economy that we’ve not experienced before – with enterprises that are sustainable commercially, while adding value to society, regenerating natural capital, reducing risks and delivering a net positive impact, including long-term value and shared prosperity.

This level of transformation does not happen on its own. It involves inspiration, innovation, new knowledge, skills and insights – as well as dedication, hard work and focused application. In short, genuine transformation requires us to develop new capabilities.

In the workplace, we’re all surrounded by amazing, talented people – already masters in their own fields of endeavour. Yet, when it comes down to sustainability challenges, we all face a genuine capability gap – new skills and insights are needed to fully integrate sustainability into all that we do, for benefit of people, planet and the bottom line; moving beyond the superficial to deliver a real, deep and lasting impact.

At Earthshine, we are pleased to announce the launch of our leading-edge Capability Development Programme for 2020-21 – in support of our mission to help close the capability gap.  

Based on a decade of robust research, development and practice, our leading-edge programmes are designed to help your teams, suppliers and stakeholders develop sustainability as a mindset – enhancing awareness, and the ability to integrate sustainability principles and benefits into the heart of your strategies, operational practices and performance. Essentially, we work with your people to enhance their capabilities and become even more effective agents of sustainable innovation and change.

We offer courses on a range of vital topics, including: circular economy, sustainable supply chains, developing holistic business cases, driving superior value and performance beyond ESG metrics, unlocking the $12trillion SDG opportunity, the business of change, our guided process for sustainable business innovation, and much more.

  • A space to innovate and try new techniques and solutions
  • Inspiration from practical business examples and business cases
  • Real-life focus – business & sustainability innovation challenges
  • Interactive teaching & coaching – with practical group work & discussions
  • Holistic thinking – capturing all stakeholder perspectives & benefits
  • Powered by the ‘pedagogy of passion’ – to engage and inspire all participants

As well as developing deep personal learning, our courses are designed to deliver a range of important benefits to your business:

  • Enhance organisational capability in this important field
  • Potential fast track for innovation
  • Move beyond incremental CSR & develop radical shifts in performance
  • Capture a wide range of business & sustainability benefits
  • Improved employee motivation
  • Alignment with UN SDGs
  • An affordable alternative to hiring consultants

We run courses in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Vancouver (Canada), with further locations to be announced, soon. We’re also able to develop customised courses, programmes and locations for specific client needs – with programmes and courses run onsite at your own facility, or any suitable location of your choice.  We welcome a further discussion to explore your needs.

Our programme kicks-off with Going Circular – Mission Possible! A three-day intensive circular learning experience, exploring how the circular economy works in practice, and how to develop robust strategies for your own organisation. We invite you to find out more – and look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen, Vancouver, or somewhere else on the road.


Link to our capability development programme for 2020-21.

Link to our three-day intensive circular economy experience in Copenhagen.

About Earthshine Group:

We are Earthshine Group. We support circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, and society – by unleashing the capability within people and their organisations. Our services are all designed to help your teams develop greater awareness of possibilities and the capability to act: creating new sustainable business solutions, while capturing the full range of business and sustainability benefits available. And, our approach is based on multi-stakeholder perspectives – so we will be delighted to work with you, your suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

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