We’re live! Earthshine Group launches on 02 02 2020

Earthshine is re-launching as Earthshine Group, with a new focus on transformation through capability development. We are energised with renewed purpose and a sense of urgency, to help accelerate circular and sustainability transformations in business, economy, society and people – in order to generate long-term shared prosperity, within planetary and societal boundaries.
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Can we avoid the fall of giants?

The recent collapse of Carillion plc raises serious questions about the viability of corporate business models. This might not be an isolated event — presenting a major wake-up call for businesses, everywhere. The question is, what should be done:
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CSR is dead. So, what comes next?

While there is more noise than ever when it comes to CSR, there is a huge question mark over how much of this translates into meaningful action, says Mike Townsend.
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Mind the gap between corporate behaviour and sustainability

What factors lie behind the misalignment of company behaviour and its sustainability goals, asks Mike Townsend.
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“2020 must be a year of climate action where everybody’s in"

What is 'Bildung' and why should it be important for us, today? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/13/opinion/scandinavia-education.html

A worthy call-to-action for accountants - which raises an intersting question: What further capabilities will accountants need to develop, when they "work with business to build green policies into their working practices," beyond simply 'greening' BAU? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/feb/25/accountants-urged-to-help-firms-worldwide-combat-climate-crisis

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