The Great Reinvention: Cracking the code for circular economy business model innovation

Sustainable business expert and commentator Mike Townsend explores four key shifts in search of the ‘holy grail’ – how we can generate circular business models that are sustainable and profitable, yet also attractive for customers and suppliers.
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Who needs Tesla? Now, that's what we call *Innovation*!

“The biggest thing is to help stop the biggest polluters as soon as possible – and nothing that we can do as individuals I think matters quite as much as that.”

Go, Rosemary Penwarden!


Monkeypox? It's payback time for nature. We may have seen nothing yet...

"Climate change is now kicking in, creating a hotter, sicker world with a potentially catastrophic impact on disease."

We have been warned...


Not only do we need higher standards , we indeed need to enforce as well as credibility and trust are at stake. All companies should take notice. Time to become #NetPositive. German police raid DWS and Deutsche Bank over greenwashing allegations

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