The Great Reinvention: Cracking the code for circular economy business model innovation

Sustainable business expert and commentator Mike Townsend explores four key shifts in search of the ‘holy grail’ – how we can generate circular business models that are sustainable and profitable, yet also attractive for customers and suppliers.
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Let the train take the strain!

New routes opening up for electric sleeper trains in Europe. Cool.


UN has declared new Human Right: the ability to live in "a clean, healthy and sustainable environment" a human right for all.

More than moral posturing, resolutions like this have a history of laying the foundation for effective treaties + national laws.


We have, until yesterday morning, warned of the 3-times faster warming of the Arctic, compared to the Planet. Now we have to make a correction. It is 4 times faster (7 times faster on Svalbard). Implications remain poorly understood. https://aje.io/bs4sen via @AJEnglish

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