The Great Reinvention: Cracking the code for circular economy business model innovation

Sustainable business expert and commentator Mike Townsend explores four key shifts in search of the ‘holy grail’ – how we can generate circular business models that are sustainable and profitable, yet also attractive for customers and suppliers.
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Please remember, as corrupt Covid contracts hit the headlines again, that it the BBC didn't mention the issue for *a full 5 months* after the Good Law Project and others exposed it. Except on a few rare occasions, it has marginalised the story ever since.

UK government hit by a double whammy of reports from MPs criticising its performance on climate change https://buff.ly/3sJfWsi by @RHarrabin via @BBCNews

A right-wing teacher beloved by current UK govt calls for "both sides" of climate change be taught in schools.

The policy response, yes. But not the science.

How hard is this to understand?

This all feels very 1987...

(From today's Times)

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